Fitri Melani – Indonesia

With numbers of thorough experimentations
on materials as paperclay and stoneware
and techniques as marbling and mocha
diffusion, Fitri Meilani (b.1990), having finished her oneyear
work as an assistant to Japanese ceramist Ryota
Aoki this year, has a wide-ranged set of portfolio to
show. Through her college years, she also developed
an extensive fondness towards creating lighting effects
with translucent materials and different shapes.
For JCCB #3 exhibition, Fitri makes an inquiry towards
the simplest idea of a water vessel, which might have
been the most object taken for granted in its nature.
Presenting various outputs of marbled color clay and
mocha diffusion technique with different finishings, she
provides a much-forgotten experience that involves all
senses when we hold and drink through a vessel.