Dea Widya

Dea’s work series explore the ephemerality that
occurs within human lives, a process that prove
our powerlessness towards the hands of time.
For her, this aspect pushes her to comprehend that
humans tend to deny its existence along their journey
to nothingness. The word ephemeral, defined as an
inevitable part of nature that goes two-sides in action
and reaction without any external intervention.
The visuals of the work that displays vitrine, a body of
water, and floating sculpture, give a somewhat fragile,
mystical, and transparent emotion. Discharged sculpture
portrays how the existence of physical demands a
control from the mental part, changing molded clay into
ashes scattered within water and light, reflecting on the
idioms “when spirit immerses into thin air’ and ‘ashes to
ashes, dust to dust’.