Organiser of The 4th JCCB

The Team of The 4th JCCB 2016

Kepanitiaan / Organiser The 4th JCCB 2016


Penggagas / Founders The JCCB : Asmujo J. Irianto, Rifky Effendy


Director : Rifky Effendy

Artistic Director: Asmujo J. Irianto

Curators : Nurdian Ichsan , Rizki A. Zaelani

Residency Coordinator: Nia Gautama.

Assistants: Akbar Adhi Satrio (FSRD-ITB) , Erik Rifky Prayudhi (ISBI-Bandung), Nadzifa Hidayati, Nesa Pratama, Natas Setiabudhi, Apri Susanto (Yogyakarta).

Secretary: Andi Nadya Aurora.

Finance : Tania Kardin.

Editors: Yakobus Ari Respati, Axel Ridzky Ramadhan.

English Translators : Henny Roland, Yakobus Ari Respati

Graphic Designs: Yudo Satrio, Yosefa Aulia.

Exhibitions Coordinators: Puja Anindita, Eldwin Pradipta, Team GNI

Photography and Video : Team of JCCB-4, Aero Visual Studio ( Bandung), Anjar Tanjung (Bali)


Managing Director    goropics_new  

Rifky Effendy was born in Jakarta in December 1968. He studied at the Art Department, ITB. Effendy’s recent curatorial projects include, FLOW: Contemporary Art from Indonesia, Michael Janssen Gallery, Berlin (2012); Fixer, North Art Space, Jakarta, Indonesia (2010); In Between, The First Jakarta Contemporary Ceramics Biennale, North Art Space, Jakarta (2009); South East B(L)ooming, Primo Marella Gallery, Milan, Italy (2008); KOI and TRINACRIA by Filippo Sciascia and Robert Coda Zabetta, National Gallery of Indonesia, Jakarta (2008); and Pilgrim Project by Dadang Christanto, Gaya Fusion Artspace, Bali (2006).In late 2001, he established and directed the 1st Bandung Biennale, and in 2004 became a fellow of the New York-based Asia Cultural Council (ACC). In 2009, he co-founded the Jakarta Contemporary Ceramics Biennale (2009). Along with fellow curators and artists, Rifky established the Bandung-based art space Platform3 in 2009; while in 2010 he formed Inkubatorasia, a Jakarta-based space dedicated to promoting emerging contemporary artists. He has edited and contributed to several publications including Tempo, Visual Arts, and Art Asia Pacific magazines as well as Indonesia’s newspaper of record, Kompas. Curator of Indonesia Pavilion at the 55th Venice Biennale, 2013. He was as co-Curator and co-Artistic Director of The 3rd Jakarta Contemporary Ceramics Biennale 2014. He is now working for Equator Art Project , Yogyakarta. He is base in Bandung.


Artistic Director

Asmudjo J. Irianto is currently hold a position as one of the lecturers at the Fine Art Department, Faculty of Art and Design, Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB). In 1999-2001,  he held the position as the Executive Director and Curator for Soemardja Gallery, ITB and Curator Board Member at National Gallery until 2002. In 2005 he was granted by the ACC (Asia Cultural Council) to visit Art Museums and Craft Centers in the United States of America.

As a curator he has been actively curated and co-curated national and international arts exhibition such as (selected exhibitions only):  Indonesian Contemporary Fiber Art #1: Mapping; Indonesian Craft: Reposition; Indonesia Contemporary Ceramic: A Progress Report, all in 2012, Jakarta; JCCB#1: Ceramic in Beetween, 2009-2010; CP Open Biennale, Jakarta, 2005 ; The Indonesian Young Ceramic Artists, 2004,  Jakarta; Under Construction-New Dimension of Asian Art-The Japan Foundation Forum, 2003.

As an artist, he participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions.  The solo exhibitions he conducted include: Kleptosign 1 – Barak Gallery, Bandung, Kleptosign 2-Lontar Gallery, Jakarta Kleptosign 3-Cemeti Art House, Yogjaarta, all in the year of 2000. Some group exhibitions he participated with were (selected exhibitions only):  Ceramic Exhibition-Part of Ceramic Music Festival, Jatiwangi, West Java, Indonesia, 2012; Mapped, 5 ceramic artists from Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Indonesia at Esplanade, Singapore, 2008; Biennal Yogja IX, Yogyakarta, 2007; 4th Ceramic Biennal, Icheon, Kyonggi, Korea, 2007; Western Australian Artists Workshop and Exhibition, Australia, 2003; Arafura Craft Exchange-Trajectory of Memories: Tradition and Modernity in Ceramics, Darwin, Australia, 2008. Aside from engaging himself in curatorial projects and making artworks, Asmudjo was also well-known as a craft-expert, and has been helping a lot of craft-persons and craft-establishments around Indonesia. As today Asmudjo is still known to be a kiln and ceramic equipment-maker. His products have been used by many ceramic studios and pottery villages in Indonesia. Every so often, he is also contribute in many art sympossium and discussions. He is currently live and work in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. He was curator of Indonesia Pavillion at 56Th Venice Biennale 2015.


Artists In Residence Coordinator

Nia Gautama (b. Jakarta, 1973) is  a self-taught artist who divides her time between Jakarta and Bandung. She gained her Bachelor degree in Economic Management in 1996, then worked for some advertising agencies. Her curiosity and passion in art led her to leave that permanent job with a promising career in advertising to seriously focus in arts.

Since early 2000, she has actively exhibited both at home and abroad, including: “SELSIUS-USM International Ceramic Festival, Penang, Malaysia (2014)”, “Challenging the Boundaries”-Martell Contemporary Art, Kuningan City, Jakarta (2014);  “The Meeting Place-Asian Century”, Gold Coast City Gallery, Australia (2013);  “Homoludens#4”, Bali (2013); “3 x 3 projects”, National Gallery,Chaofa Road, Bangkok, Thailand (2013); “Clay Unity Celebrating the Diversity of Southeast Asia”, FLICAM, Fuping, Shaanxi, China (2012); “Indonesian Contemporary Ceramic Art—A Progress Report”, Art & Ceramics Museum, Jakarta (2012); “Indonesia Craft: Reposition”, Indonesian National Gallery (2012); “Jakarta Biennale: Maximum City” (2011-2012);  “Indonesia Creative Power”, a program by the Indonesian Ministry for Tourism and Creative Economy (2012); “2nd Shanghai Modern Pot Art Biennale”, Shanghai, China (2010); “The First Jakarta Contemporary Ceramics Biennale (JCCB#1)” (2009); and “The Ceramic Road of Southeast Asia”, Yingge Ceramics Museum, Taiwan (2009).

Since her presentation at a conference in Yingge Museum in 2009, Nia has started to contribute art-related articles to arts and lifestyle magazines. Her first book “Ceramic for Hobby and Career” was published in 2011 by a leading Indonesian publisher. Her recent activities include creating artworks as an independent artist, designing jewelries, and directed  the JCCB#3 (2014).

Assistants of residency program

Akbar Adhi Satrio (FSRD-ITB) , Erik Rifky Prayudhi (Asisten ISBI), Nadzifa Hidayati, Nesa Pratama, Natas Setiabudhi, Apri (Yogyakarta)

Akbar Adhi Satrio (Coordinator assistant)

akbaradhiAkbar Adhi Satrio, born Jakarta July 14th 1988, is an ITB (Bandung Institute Technology) graduate, majored in Ceramic Craft (Department Craft and Tradition, Faculty of Visual Art and Design) . Currently a graduate student at magister program of design at ITB, Akbar own a craft studio named “Kanggo Craft Laboratory”. He has several experiences as a designer and was once hold a position as an Assistant Lecturer for Basic Visual Subject for first year student at Faculty of Art and Design, ITB. In his relatively young age, Akbar has participated in a number of exhibitions and shows, some of them are: “Skin Matters: Ceramic Workshop and Exhibition with Mirjam Verdhuis and Mella Jaarsma”, Gallery Soemardja, ITB, Bandung, Indonesia; “Kriya  Adalah…”, Ceramic Exhibition, Padi Art Ground, Bandung Indonesia; and “Fourplay: Wood, Ceramic, and Textile Craft Exhibition”, Summitas Building, Japan Foundation, Jakarta, Indonesia. He participated The 3rd Jakarta Contemporary Ceramics Biennale 2014.

Natas Setiabudhi ( Residency Assistant)



Andi Nadya Aurora Tiffany

Finance Manager


Tania Kardin




Yacobus Arie Respati

Yacobus Ari Respati (24) is a writer, researcher, and curator of contemporary art living and working in Bandung. As part of a generation having formative years in times of krismon and reformasi in Indonesia, a wave of orient / reorient in a plethora of plural and arbitrary age of information accompanies him in identifying as being part of a world of discourses. Through such meanderings, the problem of subject in the continuousness of cultural narratives, becomes his maintained concern in art. Especially in effort on distinguishing peripherals’ avantgardist characteristics in Indonesia. It nevertheless brought him upon grounds of history. He wrote on the biography and curatorial conceptions of pioneering Indonesian curator Jim Supangkat in the wake of 1990s global contemporary art networking, as bachelor thesis in 2015.

A similar drive of interest also underlies his involvement in the Pemuda Setempat Group, founded along with several other young artists and writers in exertion of new narratives-driven exhibition projects. Aiming to implode and find expansions in the inner workings between artworks, research, and curating itself. He himself is currently researching the art world of revolutionary 1945 – 1949 Indonesia, directed towards identifying paradigmatic bases of praxes and forms of expression in Indonesian modern-contemporary art. His proposal on reorienting and curating beyond structure in Indonesian context has been presented as finalist of Selasar Sunaryo Art Space’s curatorial research grant 2016.

Graphic Designer


Yudho Satrio


Yosefa Aulia Pratiwi

Yosefa Aulia Pratiwi


Puja Anindita ( Exhibition Officer )